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Seven players on the roster have played 70 times or more for the USA while 11 have 33 or less caps. The USA also has 20 clean sheets since the start of 2016. While the competition between the two teams is usually intense, the last four games have been especially tight, which has amped up the rivalry even more.

Only one player on the roster is uncapped in backup goalkeeper Abby Smith. Russia marked the 14th time since the start of 2016 that the U. That most recent meeting at the 2016 Olympics official counts as a tie.

I was also intent on exploring west Sweden's Bohuslän coast, so headed out of the city to drive through the region of Västra Götaland, where the green landscape is dotted with bright red clapperboard houses It was raining heavily as I tramped the streets of Gothenburg and the grey skies initially brought to mind the melancholy Swedish detective series, Wallander.

Yet as I began to explore this neat and rather grand city properly, I soon encountered a very different world from the one depicted in Henning Mankell's sombre thrillers.

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In response to numerous questions from We Love Lundby Club members about how to date Lundby houses and furniture, we are providing a series of articles that focus on many methods of dating, such as locations of manufacture, colors of packaging, as well as house and furniture design.

In the following article from the March 2006 issue of The Lundby Letter, a very observant Australian collector, Anna-Maria Sviatko, shares with us some beneficial tips for dating two vintage Lundby dollhouses, the Gothenburg and the Stockholm.

The Gothenburg or Göteborg was originally advertised as the "Lundby Dolls' House" or "Popular Dolls' House." Various catalogs during the late 1970s and 1980s referred to the Stockholm as the "The Super Lundby Dolls' House; "Lundby Luxury Villa," or "Deluxe Dollhouse." Lundby assigned their current names much later in 1990.

This article will feature how to date two of the best known Lundby dollhouses, the Gothenburg and the Stockholm.

Let's start with the Gothenburg #6001, which originates in the 1966 catalog.

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