Effy from skins dating high profile speed dating

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And she’s had quite a few serious relationships over the years!

Here are all of the hotties that put Kaya first on their list of lovely ladies. Jack O’Connell — Kaya was said to have dated her co-star after they met on set in the summer of 2008.

Your first scene in Southcliffe sees you running along a country road.

She returned in the final episodes, ending up behind bars for insider trading. They know which buttons to press from the day they are born. Speaking of learning on the job, you started on Skins when you were only 14. We never saw ourselves as anything special, we never pretended to be anyone different to who we were. You’ve got two movies set for release (Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes and The Maze Runner). I like movies because I’ve been getting leads and TV is more about ensemble casts. I’d been with her a long time so I didn’t want her to be in the same place in life. I can remember getting my first laptop but there are kids now who are totally born to it. To see how they prepare for their roles was really inspiring. On Skins we had such strong friendships, it just felt like we were a group of mates. Jack’s doing well and we give each other advice when we’re thinking over roles.As Kaya Scodelario joined her husband Benjamin Walker at the Valentino Menswear Spring/Summer 2017 collection show in Paris, she naturally looked stunning.She of course wore Valentino to the event in the form of this instantly recognisable printed dress.

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