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One of the toughest parts about dating is finding someone who has compatible goals when it comes to a relationship.

Finding someone who wants the same things as you do can be a daunting task.

Michelle Bolyn is a licensed mental health professional and has worked since 2006 as a therapist.

Bolyn has been writing mental health, wedding-related and relationship focused articles since 2007. Bolyn received her master's degree in social work from New York University.

If you find out that your partner has been dishonest, it can be challenging to build and maintain trust.

It is difficult to have a healthy relationship without mutual respect.

When you find a healthy relationship, you have to consistently work at it to maintain it.

In a healthy relationship, it's essential that you and your partner are honest with each other in order to develop trust.

Trust allows both partners to reach high levels of intimacy and closeness.

It also allows you to set boundaries and know they'll be respected, according to Young Women's Health.

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