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Those who had paid for the most expensive tickets were said to have been dislodged by people who bought cheaper tickets as security and crowd control arrangements failed."Although we know an apology or refund cannot fully satiate your disappointment, we wish to reiterate that we remain fully committed to all of you and our country," the cricketing duo said."A full and thorough internal inquiry is ongoing into all areas of concern."They also denied allegations that they had dodged paying local municipal taxes amounting to nearly 30 million rupees (8,123).

Speaking to politicians, Sri Lanka's new prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the government would withdraw the tax breaks for the developments with immediate effect."We will not allow casinos on their premises," he said.In conservative Sri Lankan society, public displays of affection, even among married couples, are frowned upon.Police are known to have arrested courting couples for kissing in public parks or seafront promenades.Tourism and services are the major hope for Sri Lanka's economic future.The country has been growing strongly since the civil war ended 2009, largely the result of what is termed a "peace dividend" — major investment in rebuilding and infrastructure projects like roads and ports.

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