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When you say "installed the new portage tree", I hear "emerge sync".

Are you saying that emerge sync replaced your compiler?

If a matching package name is found, it's dependencies are calculated, the source code for the package and its dependencies are downloaded and then they're all compiled and installed onto your system.

Maintaining the Portage tree You should update your Portage tree on a regular basis (about once a week or so) to help keep your system up to date: Another area of the Portage tree that needs maintenance is the /usr/portage/distfiles directory.

The key is used to verify the integrity of all downloaded files.

The Ports Collection contains directories for software categories.

updating portage tree-13

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updating portage tree-76

updating portage tree-76

But I have CONFIG_PROTECT="" in my file, so it should update them automatically?If this is the case there are ways Portage can be recovered, however Portage re-installation can be quite a hassle.It becomes a work of manual labor: installing a package manager without a package manager.Using source mirrors The mirrors listed on this page contain installation files such as Live CDs, Gentoo ebuild repository snapshots as well as distfiles (the actual program code for our packages).To use a source mirror for Portage downloads, add a URL from the list below to the We would like to thank the many organizations and individuals that are providing mirroring services to the Gentoo project.

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